About Our Inspiration

The inspiration for the beginning of our products was our Boxer, Pumpkin and Yorkie, Millie.  *Pumpkin was the last of a wonderful 30 years filled with Boxers.  We absolutely adored them!  We decided Pumpkin needed a companion after losing her mom and sister three months apart. That's where Ms. Millie came in.  Pumpkin wasn't to sure at first but soon they were best buds. After about two years we decided to bring another pup into the mix.  Thought Millie would benefit having another friend.  Ms. Riley arrived and boy did she love Pumpkin and Millie.  Pumpkin so enjoyed playing with her, Millie not too sure.  She was used to running after Pumpkin but never had anyone chase her!!  

I saw some bandanas for dogs but didn't want to tie them on so I made a couple where the collar would slide through them, thus began our journey making Collar Bandanas and Collar Covers. The latter is exactly that, the covers are also made for the collar to slide through and allows you to have different looks to your collar everyday. They can be gathered up to give the scrunchie look. My son really liked the idea and told me I should make them for others.  That's exactly what we did!  Pumpkin, Millie and Riley look so adorable in either of them.

If you use a harness as we do to walk your fur babies, you can still use the bandanas and covers with your collar.  Your collar does not get in the way of your harness. 

Our next project was the beds. I saw drawers being made into different things and thought they would make the cutest doggie or kitty beds.  I love decorating and painting them and we get so many compliments on the idea of making the drawers into beds for our four-legged babies.  You can choose any color, color combination, a theme bed, just about anything will work. 

Just send us an email for a custom size, color, etc.

Same goes for our Collar Bandanas and Covers or any of our products!  Want a specific one just let us know!

*January 2020 our beloved Pumpkin went to the Rainbow Bridge to play with her mom and sister. We miss them all.